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The League of Women Voters of Scarsdale is a nonpartisan, political organization with a rich history spanning over 90 years in the Scarsdale community. We encourage you to join us as we work to promote democracy and political responsibility at the local, state and national levels through voter education, issue advocacy and the active participation of citizens.
LWVS members at Village Manager, Al Gatta's, retirement dinner
LWVS members at Village Manager, Al Gatta's, retirement dinner.

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, Sept. 10 - Primary Day in New York

  • Monday, Sept. 21 - First Board Meeting of the year at Scarsdale Village Hall

  • Tuesday, Sept. 22 - National Voter Registration Day. Click Here to learn more about registering.


  • Check out what is happening in the league on the state level with the LWVNYS State Voter

  • Watch the video of LWVS' April 27th meeting on Scarsdale's Non-Partisan system. This video clearly explains what Scarsdale's Non-Partisan system is, why we have a nonpartisan system, and how it works.

  • The LWVS is proud to release its newly updated version of This is Scarsdale. This comprehensive community resource directory contains vital information on many facets of life in Scarsdale for both new comers and established residents. Please click here to learn about our Village's government, educational system, recreational offerings, history, community organizations and much more!

  • The League of Women Voters is 95 years strong! Click here to find out ten ways the LWV has improved our country.

  • Join the LWVS and make a positive difference in our community. To learn more about the many benefits of joining LWVS, please click here or press the red button below. You can join or renew your membership through PayPal or by check. To learn about donating to LWVS click here. The League thrives on your support!

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"Victory Postponed. Regular Meeting Next Thursday" the interesting story of Scarsdale's Suffragists

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